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What’s New with Touring?

So, you’re under 60, are well travelled, have a driving license and, without being arrogant, see yourself as at least a reasonably cool customer.

Why then would you consider a coach tour with Discover Scotland Tours?

First up, the demographics are changing.  In 2010, just 3% of UK domestic tourists doing coach tours were in the 25-34 age group.  By 2013, it was 14%.  And when you look at the 35-44s, the figures are even more surprising, increasing from 8% in 2010 to 22% in 2013.

These groups are extremely environmentally aware.  They consider their carbon footprint and understand the environmental benefits of touring by coach.  Discover Scotland Tours operate a very modern fleet of coaches and work hard to ensure they are maintained to deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

Long drives on unfamiliar roads isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.  It can be very tiring for both driver and navigator (this writer can clearly remember some pretty fruity language from my own parents when trying to find secluded holiday cottages on the West coast of Scotland).  That’s why more and more people are going by coach.  Imagine relaxing in a beautifully comfortable leather seat, plugging your smart phone or tablet into the on board USB port and reading up on your history before arriving at one of Scotland’s magnificent castles.

What about economics?  The price of fuel in the UK might have come down quite recently but it is still among the most expensive in Europe and embarrassingly pricey when compared to the US or Middle East.  Modern coach travellers are price savvy.  What’s the point in spending your hard-earned spending money on fuel when you could be spending it on experiences – some of which are simply not available anywhere else in the world.

Finally, most groups are pretty disciplined when it comes to having a designated driver.  But why bother?  Take a day tour or three day trip with discover Scotland Tours and enjoy a glass of wine with lunch or a dram of Scotland’s finest malt at dinner.

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